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5 Highly Effective MMA Guard Passes

I recently came across a video on the internet, created by a fan, showing BJ Penn passing the guard of several opponents during a his fights.

He does some really cool guard passing techniques in the video, but the technical details of those movements are very difficult to pick up simply by watching the footage. It gave me a great idea!

I hit the gym and created my own video to help you learn each movement BJ does to pass guard in that video. Over the next few weeks, I’ll post a new video that breaks down one of five different guard passes, providing detailed instructions on how to pull them off in action.

Here’s the Original Fan’s Video


and now the instructional videos

Video #1 (The Dope Mount Position)

Video #2 (Leg Smash to Dope Mount)…

Video #3 (Hook Sweep Counter to Dope Mount)…

Video #4 (Passing the Butterfly 1/2 Guard into the Mount)…Coming Soon

Video #5 (Passing the 1/2 Guard into the Mount)

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