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gsp_hendricks640Now I do think that Hendricks won the fight with GSP but now Johny’s saying that he only punched at 70% power throughout the fight because his hand wraps weren’t thick enough. C’mon. I guess he’s trying to explain why he couldn’t score a KO I guess.

That’s not the reason, it’s because GSP weathered the storm of some hard hits (which I didn’t think he would be able) and fought back to the point that Hendricks could no longer muscle power into his punches. I was impressed by GSP’s ability to do that during the fight.

Give the guy some respect!

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Reggie, Myself, Spencer & Eric

Just got home after a long flight home from London, England after UFC 120.  It’s been a long time away from home –5 weeks in Iowa at Spencer Fisher’s place and then the fight week in the UK– and it’s great to finally see the wife and kids. My 200 lbs. English Mastiff was so excited when I got home that she nearly tackled me several times as she jumped all over me and around me.

During the time I spent in Iowa and London, I wrote about my experiences in a journal. It’s broken down in 45 different entries; one entry for each day I spent away from home.

Starting tomorrow, I’ll post one entry every day to give you a behind the scenes perspective –describing the training, fight week stuff, hunting, hanging out, and other great things we did during my 6 week experience– on how things went…

I also want to thanks Spencer, Emily and all the guys at Spencer’s Evolution MMA in Iowa for making my trip so much fun!

Here’s some video we shot before we headed out to the fights with Spencer sharing a few thought about the training camp and how we ended up working together…

and here’s the FULL FIGHT (it was free for a bit but I think it was just an error by the webmasters there) from the UFC website…

Visit the website for info on how to watch the fight.

and then an post fight interview with Ariel Helwani

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Josh Neer, Me & Spencer

Well, after arriving over a week ago, things have been going great here.

Training’s been tough, the  gym is great and the people are as well.

UFC/Bellator Vet Josh Neer came down to join the crew and help Spencer make his preparations for UFC 120.

I’ve been eating really healthy myself and back training 2 or 3 times per day has gotten me into pretty good shape already.

Everything else is top secret!

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