3 BJJ Techniques from the 1 Leg X-Guard (Single Leg X-Guard)


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I’m sitting in my hotel room in Calgary, Alberta after getting back from having some breakfast at Cora’s.

The Eggs Benedict was pretty friggin good.

Tonight our teams fighter Ryan Dickson will be defending his belt at Hard Knocks Fighting.

He’s excited to fight and ready to rock!

I just posted a video breaking down some details from one of my favourite positions in BJJ…the 1 leg x-guard.

In the vid I show:

  • 1 way to pull guard to that position
  • 1 technique to sweep from there
  • and most importantly 1 easy way to pass the tricky position

We recorded it on the wrong camera setting so the video quality isn’t the greatest but the details are all there :)

Hope all is well with you!


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