Wanderlei Silva Technique – Kneeing the Face from the Clinch – MMA / Muay Thai


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wandjeffLast night Wanderlei Silva taught a seminar at Joslin”s Mixed Martial Arts in Hamilton.

Man, he is a really friendly guy! Everyone had a fun time learning and practicing the many techniques Wanderlei -Elizabeth from New Jersey courtesy of GNCI have used this Zydot multiple times in the past, and had great success! Anyone can have the ability to stick with something for two taught throughout the night.

Here”s a technique –one of his favourite– that he showed at the end of the seminar. It”ll help you knee a bit more like the “Axe Murderer” :).


  1. Barrett says:

    Great posts jj glad I’m still in the loop.Keep the science coming .2 thumbs up respect from Michigan.

  2. Jeff Joslin says:

    Thanks Barett, Great to hear from you! Hope all is well my friend.

  3. Miguel Geronimo says:

    Hi Josh,

    Please email me on your coming seminar’s and workshop’s. I missed Mr. Silva because I didn’t know he was coming to your gym. I got to get to Hamilton very soon to meet with you. You are one of the greats!

    Thank you,

    Miguel Geronimo
    NHB Team Detroit,MI.

    • Jeff Joslin says:

      Hi Miguel, sorry you missed the seminar! Please follow us on twitter @joslinsmma or facebook (joslins mma). I post everything that is coming up there. Hope to see you soon!

  4. the nightmare fighter says:

    its very nice see 2 big fighters in he video :) keep going i like your posts and tips. if i want make a training course with you where i can go and how much is it regards. cheers Fernando :)

  5. Leon says:

    Thanks for all the emails ive saved all of them i practice when i can they have all been very helpful. I think i mite have found a gym but not to sure yet its royce gracie jiu jitsu between family n work its kinda hard but still tring

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