My Old Weapons Routine (Bo staff)


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Here is a video of the last time that I competed in karate style tournament (nearly 15 years ago). This was my weapons routine, using the bo staff. This video was taken at the world championships in Washington, DC.

I used to practice the bo so much! A few months after this competition I decided to focus solely on Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and MMA after I ended up taking a guy down into the mount casino online position during a karate match. He was trying to take my head off and acting crazy so I tripped him to the floor. As soon as I had the mount he started screaming “Get him off me!”. The referees pulled me off him before I could sink a choke in :).

(The first few seconds has two heavyweights sparring)

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  1. Kyle from Texas says:

    That is seriously the best ever.

    “Who’s the king of the demo? I’m the king of the Demo!”

  2. NOT_OMA says:

    I know a girl who does a similar routine, except she lights her baton on fire.

  3. Jeff Joslin says:

    LOL, I loved that foot fist way movie!

  4. Jeff Joslin says:

    I had thought about the fire thing, lol, but it never ended up coming together. I was hoping to apply for the Darth Maul Double Ended lightsaber part but had no clue how to do so.

  5. Jeff Taylor says:

    Nice work! I train karate and am working on the bo as well. It was pretty inspirational to see that vid.


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