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I’m sitting in my hotel room in Calgary, Alberta after getting back from having some breakfast at Cora’s.

The Eggs Benedict was pretty friggin good.

Tonight our teams fighter Ryan Dickson will be defending his belt at Hard Knocks Fighting.

He’s excited to fight and ready to rock!

I just posted a video breaking down some details from one of my favourite positions in BJJ…the 1 leg x-guard.

In the vid I show:

  • 1 way to pull guard to that position
  • 1 technique to sweep from there
  • and most importantly 1 easy way to pass the tricky position

We recorded it on the wrong camera setting so the video quality isn’t the greatest but the details are all there :)

Hope all is well with you!



I just shot a new video breaking down some very important things regarding fundamental punches.

1. How to not telegraph your jab when you throw it.

2. A way to setup and throw your lead uppercut safely.

3. How to smash the body with very powerful punches while keeping your head safe and off the line of fire.

Here”s the vid!

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conditioningtimelinefbadI’m going to share with you a big secret of mine.

Something that I believe gave me the ability to fight through some crazy circumstances:

1) It helped me take it to my opponent and make him verbally quit after eating a MASSIVE HEADBUTT that knocked my two front teeth out and nearly ko’ed me.

2) It allowed me to remain standing (with no noticeable tells to my opponent that I was rocked) when I took a shot that turned my vision to black for nearly 6 seconds. I was then able to keep fighting like nothing had happened.

The secret is the way I run my final sparring session.

So challenging that it’s always harder than the fight itself. A workout that makes me truly believe in myself; one that forces me to dig deep when I feel like I can’t give any more. One that has literally made me cry twice (no joke) in my career because I was so tired during.

It’s so true, Train hard and the fight is easy!

Here’s what I do:

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Here’s a technique I filmed with rising MMA star Ryan Dickson. It’s a move I used to use all the time when in close against an opponent. It help you create some space so that you can rip a striking combination into your opponent. Have fun with it!

I love techniques that work well in all aspects of training: Gi rolling, No-Gi and MMA. The technique I breakdown in the video below definitely fits that description.

It’s a great way to setup an omoplata position when an opponent tries to escape side control by under hooking and turning to attack your legs. You’ll find it very useful against opponent’s with a wrestling or MMA focused background. I’ve also added a sneaky and easy to use detail from the omoplata position that’ll help skilled strikers work back to their feet.

Check it out!


I love using the butterfly guard in training in competition.

I think it’s a great guard for sweeping,staying safe and standing up in MMA (I used it a lot in my fight with Koscheck). I also like to use it when up against guys who like to attack the knees/feet often.

Here’s one sweep that I find very effective when training with the Gi.

Hope you it helps you on the mats!

wandjeffLast night Wanderlei Silva taught a seminar at Joslin”s Mixed Martial Arts in Hamilton.

Man, he is a really friendly guy! Everyone had a fun time learning and practicing the many techniques Wanderlei -Elizabeth from New Jersey courtesy of GNCI have used this Zydot multiple times in the past, and had great success! Anyone can have the ability to stick with something for two taught throughout the night.

Here”s a technique –one of his favourite– that he showed at the end of the seminar. It”ll help you knee a bit more like the “Axe Murderer” :).

Here’s my friend and training partner “The Ultimate Fighter: Canada vs. Austrailia” middleweight champ Elias “The Spartan” Theodorou (@eliastheodorou) showing some fundamental and useful details about ground and pounding from the top of the half guard. He’s demonstrating the technique on another excellent Canadian MMA Fighter, Alex Ricci (@alexriccimma).

Elias has a very strong top game consisting of great control and ground and pound. He’s also a great guy! Check out the technique breakdown video below:

I found some old highlight footage of my final hard sparring session before UFC fight night 7.

Definitely brings back a lot of memories!

Makes me miss training with my long-time striking coach Vito Brancaccio. The guy is a striking wizard!

We always have our fighters finish their training camps up with 5×5 minute rounds of sparring with a fresh partner rotating in every 2.5 minutes. It’s brutal when you’re the man in the middle! Big thanks to my friends “40 Sons”for their pumped up music track “Hurricane”! 


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I didn’t get a chance to post last night as I forgot my laptop charger cord at the gym.

It’s 9:30am and I’m back at Joslin’s MMA now; about to put the Pro MMA fighters through a wrestling workout.

Yesterday was a great day of training! In the morning a bunch of mma fighters from the area came in for some no-gi rolling with our guys. A few guys have big fights coming up so we worked on positional drilling: Mainly escaping from bad positions. We had everyone pair up and then one fighter would start on the bottom of side control for 5 minutes straight. His goal? To recover his guard position, escape back to his feet, reverse the position or apply a submission hold. After the 5 minutes expired the other partner took his turn on the bottom. The job of the top fighter was to apply controlled ground and pound, catch a submission hold or establish the dreaded mount position. Getting mounted in a fight sucks! (fortunately I’ve never been mounted in an MMA fight but I know it’s brutal). It’s these types of drills that make you very tough to mount so be sure to practice them regularly.

I’m going to go hit the mats now and afterwards hitting up Spring Sushi with the wife. That place is awesome!

Tip of the Day
In training, put yourself in troublesome positions and situations. Work your escapes, stay safe and build your confidence in worst case scenarios. Staying calm no matter what’s happening during a fight is critical. It’ll save your energy and you’ll sap the opponent’s confidence once you defend and escape some of his best controlling positions. This type of defense will not come to you magically. You must hone it in training so get out there and allow your training partners take your back or pass your guard to side control/mount on a semi-regular basis.

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