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How to Throw the Lead Hand Uppercut - Boxing - MMA - Muay ThaiAfter receiving a bunch of emails asking to see more videos about the uppercut (lead uppercut in particular) I decided to film a breakdown of the lead uppercut punch. I also include simple way to disguise the attack while throwing it with more power and snap than ever before.

The lead uppercut is a great technique to use when:

  • Your opponent is expecting a hook after your cross because that is what you’ve thrown often throughout your sparring rounds or fight with them
  • Your opponent leans forward to avoid your hooks and straight punches or because one of those punches has rocked them a bit.
  • You sense your opponent is about to try and take you down with a leg attack such as a double leg or single leg takedown.
  • Your opponent is standing very square and open for the uppercut right up the middle between his guarding hands.
  • You slip your opponent’s (a right handed one) cross to the outside.
  • You block an opponent’s body shot with your lead arm.
  • Your opponent is walking towards you without jabbing. You must throw a jab(s) while backing up then, after turning yourself into lead uppercut throwing position, let it fire!

Here’s the video breaking things down the punch and a setup:



themmatrainingshowI got a call a while ago from my friend Eric Wong.

He asked me if I’d be interested in starting a podcast..

We got right to it and now  “The MMA Training Show” is live!

Today, it was accepted to iTunes! 6 of our episodes are up and ready to help you in your training.

It’s been a ton of fun doing them and I’m looking forward to talking about all of the MMA topics that you’re interested in hearing about.


Here’s what to do to get ‘em:

a) Click here to visit our page on iTunes

b) Subscribe and download all of our episodes (there are 6!)

c) After listening to one, return to our iTunes page and leave a review

I’ve learned a lot more about strength & conditioning for MMA already,
just from chatting with Eric during the first few podcasts. I look forward to
connecting with you and helping you kick even more ass in the cage,
ring or on the mats.

So if you want to hear us talk MMA Training with some personal and
semi-embarassing stories mixed in from time to time, click this link or
search for “MMA Training Show” on iTunes, Subscribe and leave us
a Review.


Hope you enjoy it!

jabcounterI filmed a few counters to the jab last night after class to share with you. Since the jab is the most commonly thrown strike it’s very important to arm yourself with a bunch of different counters to it. When countering always remember to avoid being predictable by mixing up the techniques that you use. This will help keep you safe and will definitely increase your chances of landing any follow up attacks that you throw.

The first counter, called the pick & jab, is a good one to use when up against a quick, fresh and technical opponent. Be sure to throw you return jab with speed from a strongly balanced position for maximum effectiveness.

Use the second counter –the crosscatch– when the opponent is throwing slow or lazy jabs. Most often I’ll use this one in the later rounds when my opponent has lost some of his punching speed. This can be a devastating counter especially if your opponent is continually trying to smash you with a stepping jab.

The last counter is a bit fancy but very easy to pull off in action. The Spin Away Uppercut will surprise your opponent, inflict some damage and make you look very slick in the process.

Drill them in your shadowfighting, heavy bag and padwork rounds often and before you know it you’ll be busting them out in sparring action as well.

Train hard my friend!

Sometimes during sparring and fights we find ourselves in a situation where we need to cover up and minimize the damage our opponent can dish out. It can truly be our only option at times. Obviously I’d rather be attacking or counter-attacking during those moments but sometimes it’s not possible and often it’s dangerous to try.

coveringupAnytime you find yourself rocked, severely overwhelmed by an attack or caught off guard I want you to cover up and move quickly in many directions until you are out of striking range and safe. You’ll then be able to return to your regular fighting stance and get back in there to mix things up with your opponent.

As you move, keep your eyes open ad watch your opponent’s body for signs of attack. If you notice that they are about to throw a powerful cross immediately move away from it. As soon as you see them adjust to throw a technique that will catch you as you move the other way, switch directions again immediately. Continue to keep switching directions often! Constantly switching your movement in response to the attacks you anticipate makes you a very hard target to pin down. An opponent that misses punches, punches your arms ad chases you aggressively will often tire making your counter attacks very effective.

When up against a very aggressive opponent be sure to mix in some head movement as you move your feet. As you feel them miss with strikes stand your ground and initiate an upper body clinch or take down. Staying close or scoring a takedown can be a great way to recover from any damage taken.

Here’s a video from the MMA QuickStart training program where I break down the fundamentals of covering up and staying safe:



dm_131201_Nate_Diaz_Gray_Maynard_HighlightI actually bet on this fight trying to win a few bucks. I bet on the wrong guy!

Nate Diaz took it to Gray Maynard right from the beginning of the fight until his hand was raised in victory. Even though I lost my bet I was impressed by the show Nate put on that night.

The fight ended with 2:22 left on the clock in the very first round with Diaz scoring an impressive TKO victory.

The winner, who was off by quite a bit because nobody picked Diaz to win the fight in the first round is Steve Timmons. Regardless, Steve who made his pick on my facebook page was close enough to win the contest:


Steve wins the entire MMA QuickStart Training Program which includes over 18 1-hour workouts, 100+ instructional videos, 12 Follow Along MP3 “Shadowfighting” Audio Files and more. Congrats Steve!

Try out a free lesson from the program here –> www.mmaquickstart.com/members/freelesson

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Things have been really busy lately!

Next weekend our fighter Ryan Dickson is fighting is the World Series of Fighting! He’s been training hard and is really looking forward to fight time. I’ll be sure to tape some of our training next week to share with you.

I’m very excited that the first MMA QuickStart expansion is in it’s final phase of testing and will be available very soon!

It’s a 4 week program that’ll have you absolutely killing it with the uppercut. I’ve created 6 brand new workouts, filmed over 40 different uppercut combinations and recorded many new follow along shadowfighting MP3′s as well. I’ll share more info about the program once the testing phase is complete.

From now until Monday (Dec 2nd) night at midnight, I’m offering a Black Friday Discount on the original MMA QuickStart program. It’s lowest price ever!: Only $57!

Grab it and start training right away so you’ll be totally ready for the MMA QuickStart : Uppercuts! expansion when it goes live.

Get MMA QuickStart for only $57!

I’ve also put my “Monster in the Cage: Optimal Performance Mind Training System” Ebook on sale until Monday night as well. You get it for less $ and receive a free video workshop as a bonus! (Just email me after purchase and tell me which one you want)

“Monster in the Cage” Sale!

Have a great weekend!

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gsp_hendricks640Now I do think that Hendricks won the fight with GSP but now Johny’s saying that he only punched at 70% power throughout the fight because his hand wraps weren’t thick enough. C’mon. I guess he’s trying to explain why he couldn’t score a KO I guess.

That’s not the reason, it’s because GSP weathered the storm of some hard hits (which I didn’t think he would be able) and fought back to the point that Hendricks could no longer muscle power into his punches. I was impressed by GSP’s ability to do that during the fight.

Give the guy some respect!

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When I get tweets like this is makes me very happy. I’ve always tried to become the best martial artist I can be so that I could pass on effective knowledge to others. Thanks to my student Zac and my friends in Jamaica for taking the time to message me!

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uppercutI just filmed a new boxing video breaking down the Rear Hand Uppercut. This is a punching technique that many people struggle to throw correctly.

When executed wrong the rear hand uppercut lacks power and will often throw the puncher off balance ruining any chance of stringing together an effective striking combination.

The biggest thing to focus on while watching this video is the way my shoulders turn as I throw the punch. You’ll notice that they remain parallel to the ground throughout the entire motion. That is the ultra important and tough to nail detail that makes the punch effortlessly powerful. You’ll feel it when you get it right that’s for sure.

In sparring try to use this uppercut:

  • When the opponent is standing in a very squared off stance with their chest facing you more than normal.
  • When the opponent drops their head down and forward towards you. This can happen because of their poor offensive or defensive technique or because you rocked them with a strike.
  • When the opponent is a southpaw and their are trying to walk straight in on you with lots of pressure. Use the straight right cross if they are at an arm’s length range and use the rear hand uppercut if they are a bit closer. It will stop them in their tracks.
  • When the opponent is trying to take you down with double leg take downs. Timing your rear hand uppercut correctly could win you the fight as they try to take you down.
  • After you slip their jab to the outside (and side of your uppercutting arm). This is the one I landed that made Jon Fitch call a time-out in our fight at Freedom Fight back in the day. He thought it was a knee strike!
  • After you defend against their cross with a lead shoulder roll. This one is deadly
  • After you block the body shot on your rear side (blocking with the uppercutting arm)

As you can see their are times when a rear hand uppercut can be extremely effective. Remember that most times you’ll need to jab before throwing the rear hand uppercut so that you don’t get your face smashed by a hard cross or hook in the process.

Good luck!